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On average you spend 37,000 hours in your car and drive 800,000 miles during your lifetime (enough to get to the moon and back three times!). Chances are in that time you will be involved in an accident whether fault or non-fault and it makes sense to have the right insurance in place should this happen. Car insurance is a legal requirement and it is a criminal offence to drive without it. Couple this with the fact you would wish to protect your prized asset then car insurance through an expert is a must.

  • Personal service over the phone
  • Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft insurance
  • Option to include additional covers, such as breakdown, motor legal, key insurance, Gap, guaranteed hire car and excess protection.

The S-Tech Difference

The S - Tech Difference

At S-Tech we are not on any internet quote engines and do not have any gimmicky marketing and put all our effort in providing our customers with excellent service.

We believe in providing our customers competitive car insurance with products suitable for their needs. Being independent we are able to provide impartial advice on the best product for your needs. Having access to multiple insurance companies we are able to command competitive pricing ensuring you get value for money.

Private Car Insurance in detail

Private car insurance provides many features and benefits:

  • Option for Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft cover
  • Personal injury cover
  • Repair costs
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Low excesses
  • Business use
  • Multiple driving options

There is also the option to incorporate additional products

  • Breakdown Full breakdown cover including, Homestart, Onward Travel, UK & European Breakdown
  • Key Protection Cover for loss of keys (car, home and office)
  • Motor legal Cover for legal expenses and defenses up to £50,000, should a motoring dispute end up in court
  • Uninsured loss recovery Cover for uninsured losses such as excess, personal injury, hire car and other 'out of pocket' expenses
  • Gap insurance Covers the difference between write-off value and invoice/finance costs
  • Excess protection Recover motor policy excesses paid following a claim (excl. windscreens)

There is also the option to incorporate additional products

When comparing insurance products it is important to compare on a like for like basis. Many of the companies that promise cheap insurance will do so by stripping out covers and applying large excesses and low limits leaving limited cover.

Always ensure you have the correct use noted for your vehicle. If you do even the smallest drive in conjunction with your employment you will need business use (other than travelling to and from you permanent place of work). Failure to do so means the damage to your vehicle may not be covered in the event of an accident.

Always be as accurate as possible when answering questions as what may seem a small oversight could leave to a claim not being covered.


  • You have to tell us about all convictions unless they are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. All motoring convictions will need to be declared within a set time frame as explained by your adviser.

  • Yes, increasing excesses can make a sizeable difference to insurance premiums, however always ensure the excess is affordable.

  • Yes you can change vehicle. There will normally be a change in the premium reflective of the new vehicle and this will be on a pro-rata basis.

  • Yes you can change vehicles and drivers temporarily. There will be additional charges for making these changes and these will depend on individual circumstances.

  • We cover any standard manufacturers options that are factory fitted. Non-standard options and modifications will need to be discussed with an adviser who will be able to arrange suitable insurance.

  • All claims for each driver whether fault or non-fault need to be declared to ensure your cover is placed on the correct basis (normally up to 5 years).

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