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Does your business have little or no insurance cover? Have you been sold products you don’t need? We can help.

We offer an independent and personal service often missing from banks, supermarkets and online sites.

We’ll take time to:

  • Understand the needs of your business
  • Search the market
  • Tailor a plan that suits your business
  • Find a competitive price to match your requirements

The S-Tech Difference

The S-Tech Difference

Financial Planning and Employee Benefit services are provided by S-Tech’s sister companies Alan Boswell & Company Ltd and Alan Boswell Employee Benefits Ltd.

Their specialist teams provide a wide range of clients with financial advice on investments, pensions and other key financial areas. Furthermore, their philosophy mirrors that of the Group; they work to maintain long-term trusted relationships between their clients and their high calibre, qualified independent financial advisers – all supported by teams of efficient and professional staff.

Business Protection detail

There are many types of business insurance options available. The main options are:

  • Shareholder Protection – Would your business cope if a director or partner died or was diagnosed with a critical illness? Who would inherit their share of the business? Shareholder Protection cover provides surviving shareholders with the funds to buy the shares from a director / partner no longer working with the business.
  • Key Employee Cover – Would your business manage if a Key Employee died or was diagnosed with a serious illness? How would the business cope losing a senior manager? Who would replace the lost revenue? Key Employee Cover provides your business with funds to cover loss of income until you can find a suitable replacement
  • Relevant Life Assurance – Offering your employees an attractive benefits package can help you attract and retain staff. Relevant Life Assurance can provide an employee’s family with a cash sum to cover household expenses and mortgage repayments should they die. These insurance premiums are classed as a business expenses so are not liable for the usual taxes.
  • Group Private Medical Insurance  – Provides Private Medical Insurance (PMI) for you and your employees. The premium is paid for by you as the employer and is treated as a Benefit in Kind which employees will have to pay tax on.


  • How long to be covered for will depend mainly on why the protection is needed. Our advisers can help by taking the time to find out about your business and searching the market for the most appropriate solution.

  • This will vary hugely depending on why it is required. Getting advice is very useful for establishing how much to protection to get and the most appropriate type of cover.

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