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When it comes to motor fleet insurance, the challenge is to find insurance with the appropriate balance between service and cost.

All fleet operators want competitive insurance premiums, but choosing a motor fleet insurer with an inferior claims service can cost more in the long run – no matter how low their initial premiums. We can offer perfectly balanced motor fleet insurance at competitive prices,

  • Cover for a mixture of vehicles
  • Available for three vehicles upwards
  • Range of businesses and usage covered
  • Bespoke products tailored to your business
  • Personal over-the-phone service

The S-Tech Difference

The S-Tech Difference

We are experienced when it comes to motor fleet insurance and can provide independent advice on your insurance needs. We’ve worked with major motor insurance companies for more than 30 years and our expert motor fleet insurance staff will guide you through the complex administration process. We can also help you comply with increasingly complex legislation and European directives – reducing your fleet operation costs. We work with many different insurance companies and will ensure you get the best available cover at competitive pricing.

Motor fleet insurance in detail

There is a range of options available for your motor fleet:

  • Fire & Theft cover Cover for theft of the vehicle or damage by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive cover Cover for repair replacement of your vehicles in the event of a fault accident.
  • Driver options Options for either named drivers or any driver basis.
  • A variety of uses covered Cover for either business use and/or personal use.
  • Third party liability Legally required cover for any third party injury or property damage caused by your vehicles.

With the move to digital records, the need to ensure your vehicle details are up to date is imperative. We can work with you to help you understand and manage your requirements.

Risk management is a key ingredient in reducing insurance premiums. Solid risk management practices primarily prevent accidents and business risks, but also help to reduce insurance premiums.


  • Fleet insurance is aimed at businesses who have multiple vehicles. By grouping together vehicles you can consolidate costs and spread the insurance risk across multiple vehicles and drivers.

  • Fleet insurance premiums are calculated on a number of factors such as claims history, drivers, vehicles and use. The primary driver in the premium is claims history and this heavily influences the premium. Our expert advisers will work with you to explore pricing options available to your business.

  • Breakdown insurance is not normally included as standard but there will be the option to include this within the quote process.

  • Absolutely, the intention of fleet insurance is to cater for businesses who have a variety of vehicles whether all cars, vans, HGVs or a mixture.

  • No. Although the product is aimed at businesses, if, as a family, you have a number of vehicles, you would be able to purchase a fleet policy. Please see our Family Fleet Insurance page for more information.

  • There are a variety of options available: third-party only, third-party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive. In addition to this there is are a driving options of any driver or named drivers and differing business use options. Our experts will discuss the options available to you.

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