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It is likely that, no matter what your business, you are reliant upon technology in some way or other. Whether you use it to store customer records, make online sales or issue electronic documentation, it is likely to be a vital part of your organisation. If that technology fails, your business could be exposed to various liabilities, a gap in productivity, damage to your reputation or even a fine.

With businesses increasingly likely to experience interruption to their business from a cyber-attack, it is more important than ever to make sure you are fully protected and not just to the increased exposures introduced through GDPR legislation.

  • Emergency response and management services
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Credit/identity monitoring and call centre costs
  • Reputational repair costs
  • Virus corruption and restoration of data
  • Various third-party liability costs
  • Network or business interruption

The S-Tech Difference

S-Tech difference - Cyber insurance

In insurance terms, cyber insurance is a relatively new product, but we work with market leaders in this field to find the right cover. Working in conjunction with our insurance company partners, we take the time to understand your business and your cyber risks and provide appropriate advice and guidance on protecting against this.

Cyber insurance in detail

Cyber insurance covers your own losses as well as third-party claim costs, including:

  • Regulatory notification Reporting and investigation costs and expenses.
  • Breach management expenses Credit/identity monitoring and call centre services.
  • Data and software loss Costs to reconstitute data that is corrupted or deleted.
  • Liability Damages and defence costs for losing third-party data, infringement & virus transmission.
  • Network or business interruption Loss of income &/or increased costs of working following downtime.
  • Reputational damage Crisis management and PR expenses.
  • Cyber crime Ransom, extortion demands and fraud via your computer systems.

Read our case study on a high-profile cyber claim:

Cyber case study

Most commercial insurance policies will exclude cyber insurance. If you handle customer data you should seriously consider obtaining cyber liability as a standalone insurance.


  • Business insurance is a term used to describe a range of business liability products, including public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

    These policies might cover some cyber risks, but this will only be for liability claims. They are unlikely to cover ICO fines and will not cover your own losses (income, system damage, reputational damage, crime). Only a specific cyber liability policy will provide the full protection that your business needs.

  • You won’t have to do anything as, from the moment an issue presents itself, the insurer’s First Response services will manage this for you and take this off your hand through supplying IT, Legal and Forensic Support, notification to the ICO, credit and identity monitoring, call centre support, PR support and management of extortion/ransom demands.

  • You can choose whether to take cyber insurance or not; it is not compulsory. However, investing in security software will not make you impenetrable to cyber crime. It is always advisable to invest in quality cyber insurance to give you peace of mind. The financial losses incurred from a data breach could be catastrophic

  • Yes.

    No matter the good data management practices and procedures introduced as a result of GDPR, both personal and corporate, a business will fall victim to a hack or simple human error at some time.

  • This will be determined by the size of the business and the level of business undertaken online. We’ll take the time to get to know your business needs and the risks you face and recommend insurance products to meet those needs. Your cyber liability will determine the level of cyber insurance recommended.

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